If you own an aquarium, then you know the importance of keeping the glass clean.  One of the best tools for the job is the Flipper Aquarium Cleaner. Its patented design allows you to clean your aquarium glass or acrylic without getting your hands wet! 

In order to keep your Flipper working like new, you should replace the blades regularly.  

Replacing Flipper blades every 4-6 months gives you...

  1. Maximum scraping efficiency:  This reduces your cleaning time and limits the amount of wear and tear on the entire unit.  

  2. Improved safety:  Old blades get damaged over time, just like your shaving razor blades.  You wouldn't use a 6 month old razor on your skin, and you shouldn't use an old Flipper blade on your beautiful tank! 

  3. Long term value:  By keeping your Flipper in optimal condition, you reduce the chance of needing to replace it entirely.

  4. Convenience:  Fresh blades are a pleasure to clean with, making it more likely you will keep the glass spotless so you can enjoy all the beauty of your aquarium.

Replacing Flipper Blades Every 4-6 Months is Essential
Did you know that there are also Replacement Pad Kits available for all your Flipper cleaners?   
And Finally....If you have an Original Flipper with the white balls on the scraper, keep an eye on them.  When the balls wear flat, the scraping angle won't be effective, and new blades won't help much.  We continue to improve our Flipper Cleaners, so it's probably time to upgrade to a Flipper Float or Flipper Edge.
May 08, 2023 — Andy Katsev