Scrub itThe large scrubbing / polishing cloth is ideal for quick removal of daily film algae buildup! The pad can be used throughout most of the tank, but we recommend flipping to the blade side when cleaning anywhere near the sand to avoid sand getting trapped in the pad.


Flip it1. Start the Flip with the blade facing down since that is the natural orientation of Flipper.
2. Flip in the upper areas of your tank away from sand and gravel, and in areas of low water current.
3. When flipping, completely break the magnetic attraction by moving the handle at least 6" away from the tank wall before rotating the handle.  
Watch our helpful videos for even more tips!


Scrape it: The stainless steel scraper is ideal for removing hard algae deposits throughout your tank. The blade side of Flipper also has a safety gap which helps prevent sand trapping and reduces the chance of scratching. Thus, we recommend using only the blade side of Flipper when working near the sand line.